Saturday, August 21, 2010

Who's Who in the Coop

Here are some pictures of the baby hens who have been laying the beautiful eggs.  They've produced several more this week and they have all been lovely. 

Belle Starr is a Silver Laced Wyandotte and is showing some of the beautiful plumage she will sport when she is fully mature. 

She and Bonnie Parker are giving the camera the eye below.

Pearl Starr is a Buff Orpington and should become less awkward looking as time goes by.  My previous Buff was beautiful.  Bonnie Parker is in the background.
Bonnie Parker is a Dark Brahma and has incredibly fuzzy feet.  She has nice penciling on her feathers too.  She is the one who lives up to her notorious name.  She rules the babies and cowed the big hens when she first went to live in the coop.

The three amigos enjoying some time outdoors.

I can't leave the grand dame's of the coop out - they are somewhere around 6 years old now.  Estelle is a Light Brahma and always looks like she is scowling.

Last, but not least is Gladys the Barred Rock who has had two brushes with death.

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