Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Short Visit to Halifax

In Halifax, I kept digging into my meals (one lunch and a dinner) before remembering that I had a camera for taking pictures of food.  Since I appear to have contracted a case of food poisoning from my lunch – my last meal in port – I am glad I don’t have a photograph of it!  In addition, I don’t think clams will be on my menu for a while.  Cadiz should have some delicious clams so my stomach may change its mind. 
Yesterday, we escaped the ship just before the students came aboard and walked to Point Peace Park.  Turns out it is a haven for dog lovers – lots of off-lead areas and trails.  I was very happy to be able to pet some pups!  The park had some beautiful views.

Halifax had lots of recycling in the touristy areas.  Some bins had compartments for “garbage”, “recyclables” which included plastic water bottles and “organics”!  You could put your apple core, etc in there for composting.  The bins shown below employ solar-powered compactors.  There are solar panels on top of some bins.  Even the WalMart had recycling and I noticed that people had put the correct items in each bin.  There was no plastic in the paper bin, etc.   It was a wonderful change from the state of affairs in PA.

In the interest of journalistic integrity, I very much wanted to return to the BeaverTail vendor so that I could purchase and photograph one of these delightful treats.  Sadly, we had to eat a hurried lunch - in hindsight, we should’ve skipped my tainted lunch and gone straight to dessert – and thus missed our chance.  A beavertail is a pastry shaped like a beaver’s tail and deep-fried – they then put the topping(s) of your choosing on the warm tail.  Greg and I split one with apples and cinnamon sugar.  Some friends had maple on theirs – sort of like a really good, warm maple-bar.  The US needs to rise up and demand these delicious desserts.  
Here is the one food experience I photo-documented.  I’d heard that a potato chip flavor sold in Canada, but not the US is ketchup.  I tried some – they tasted vaguely of French fries with ketchup.  It was odd because one usually associates that flavor combination with warm food.  Not something I’d seek out but not as bad as I’d expected.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with this and the intriguing mental image it elicits.  

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