Monday, September 27, 2010

Its All In The Name

I mentioned in my food post that the Ghanaians have interesting names for businesses.  Christianity is a very important part of Ghanaian culture, so there are many religious names and others that just seem plain silly.
Here are some of my favorites…
Pork Show – I am guessing they sell pork, but I’m really not sure since I never saw pork on a menu and I don’t think it is all that commonly eaten.
Original Pork Show and Drinking Bar – lest you be fooled that the above Pork Show is the real McCoy.
One would think that Mister Tomorrow might be a better name for a tech business:

God is Good Liquor Store
Amen Scientific Herbal Hospital
Trust and Obey Fashion
Christ-Licensed Chemical Store  - not sure what the application process to obtain such a license might be like
Blood of Jesus Laundry – sounds messy to me
Nothing is Late Fashion
Sweet Jesus Electronics – may be my favorite
Have Faith Hair Salon – you go in hoping for a good hair cut
The buildings often had interesting monikers as well.  Below is the Mrs. Eugenia Olga Lidell Yadanoo Memorial Building.  Note that it is nothing official and in a sad state of affairs.

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  1. Love the shop names. Keep the frog and food pics coming.